Sunday, January 27, 2008

the nicest compliment

I got the nicest compliment on Friday when I was picking up Abi from school. It came from another mom of one of Abi's classmates (and her "boyfriend", teehee….her words!!!) She told me that whenever she sees me, I'm always happy and smiling and that I make her day! Ahhhh! That has got to be the nicest thing I've heard in a while! And from a "stranger" too…I know her in such that I've talked to her before, but not personally, if that makes sense. The nicest thing about it is that I don't FEEL smiley or even happy. I don't feel terrible either, but I've had my share of constant nausea that has kept the joy from me in many ways. It's drained me of all energy, this pregnancy, and I've lost my taste for food, and I feel so ill all the time. Even with Diclectin things aren't better. :( But I am 15w now, so I"m hoping that my magic number is 16…which is has been for the other pregnancies; my nausea ended by week 16. So only a bit further to go.

Along the same lines…these colds don't seem to want to fully disappear either, which has really been tough on me. I"m sick of being sick!!!! I feel frustrated about the way things are right now! :( I"m praying for extra ounces of energy and for this bug to finally leave the house. Poor Kai coughs and chokes and it's terrible sounding.

But on to good news! Abi lost another tooth!!!! Now both her bottom teeth are missing and there's a big gap! It's so cute!!! It's also surreal. To think that she's that OLD, you know? That's she's growing up. She really IS exiting those "baby" years, isn't she, and becoming a "big girl"? It's exciting, but so sad. Time flies faster now!!!

Here's her pic with her one tooth missing. What a cutie!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

needing some help for sanity purposes

Anyone got some suggestions on potty training???? Jonathan and I are at our wits' end with Kai. I just don't understand it. He can be SOAKED, and I mean soaked through his pull up and over his pants, and he still will NOT admit to being wet! Same with being poopy. He can stink to high heaven and it can be disgusting, but no matter what we say or how often, he will NOT agree with us and will fight us about being changed! I just don't know what to do!

I'm trying to be patient b/c everyone says that children will learn on their own (well, with some help, lol) and I've heard that "no one goes to kindergarten in diapers"…but what if they do???? I mean, Kai isn't supposed to be in preschool in pull ups, yet here he is, in his second year and already four, and we're not anywhere closer than we were this time last year. I came across my post back in, what? March? where I was thinking he'd be potty trained by summer??? *sigh* No such luck.

He has progressed to the point that he WILL pee in the potty …IF he's naked!!!! He got some cute Spiderman undies for Christmas, and at Grandma's and Grandpa's, he managed to use the potty there while wearing them, which is another step forwards. But put pants on the kid and it doesn't matter! I had him in padded undies and pants and he peed and pooped in them! :( I was disappointed. He didn't even seem to care. *sigh*

I'm seriously looking for some advice here.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

'tis the season for colds, flus, morning sickness and late nights...

Oh Joy! You'd think I'd be better prepared for Winter seeing as every year we're all sick and I'm usually the one hit worse. (roll eyes) I meant to get the Flu Shot too! Oops. I wonder if it's too late? But this cold or flu or whatever it is has been lingering around since the week before Christmas!!! Abi missed her last week of school because of it (well, all except the Tues). It just doesn't want to go away! I can't wait for warmer weather so we can open up the house and clean and get well! I'm ready for Spring!!!

Wait a minute…. did I say "Morning Sickness"???
*big innocent grin*

Yes, I did! On Christmas Eve, I went in for an ultrasound to confirm what I'd already known since sometime Novemeber: we are expecting our Fourth Child!!! And I couldn't be more excited!!! …well, I could, if I weren't so darn ILL!!!! Ugh!!! At least I haven't thrown up yet. But it sure SUCKS being nauseated All Day Long! :( That mixed with a cold… yuck!

We are just in our 11th week…or is it 11 weeks along, and into our 12th week? Well, whatever. As far as I can count, our EDD is July 20th. But I'm sure I'll only go until June. Just a feeling, but maybe I"m being pessimistic!

I'm very proud of myself for keeping it a secret for so long too. We didn't tell any of our family until Christmas, although I did tell the kids' teachers (it's hard not to when you're feeling like you're going to puke and you're looking ill). It wasn't easy keeping it quiet. I wanted to tell some people Immediately! (especially after I found out that some friends are also due around the same time) But by keeping it just to ourselves, it gave Jonathan and I a chance to just have an "US Secret" and that was special. We we able to talk about it and share our excitement. It's nice having that with your husband. I tend to talk to my friends and family more quickly than him, as they're more assessable, and that's too bad.

Now, there was also another reason for keeping it to ourselves, and I'll be honest by saying it's because we have had some friends who have been negative about our wanting another child. Yes, yes, I've heard it many times that it's "our decision and no one else' business", yet the same people who tell me that also tell me that we should wait, it's best to not have more, it's all b/c they're concerned… blah blah blah. So if that's true, why do I have to feel so Wrong when we do have this blessing? Because this IS a blessing. As much as some people want to try to convince me it isn't, this was NOT a planned pregnancy. I don't have to explain myself to anyone, yet I feel I have to, and that hurts. No one can understand why I feel the way I do, I expect there to be many who think I'm crazy and wanton in my faith, but it's MY faith and what it means to me. I firmly believe that God has blessed me and I would not be pregnant if it wasn't in His plan. If you can't respect me in that belief, you are entitled to that, but you are also able to keep your own mouth shut.
*sigh* This has obviously been bothering me for some time! But to be honest, this excitement of a new baby has been marred a bit. We have been pleasantly surprised by some response of support and excitement, but sadly disappointed with the ones where we get the "are you crazy" etc response. Yes, as a matter of fact, we ARE crazy. If wanting a large family is crazy! Sheesh, it's not like we're on our 7th or something! We hardly qualify for those TLC shows on the dozen kids!!!!

But, putting all negativity aside, we are having a baby!!!! And both Jonathan & I are excited! I was actually surprised at how excited and supportive he was! But he's been great! I am blessed in so many ways!

Here is our newest addition so far:

The head is on the left, with it's bum on the right. I got to see the arms and legs kicking too. So fascinating! Yay for little babies!!! …now if only I could get over this sickness.
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