Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I passed 33!!!

WOOT!!! (my BF taught me that word, saying it's what all the cool kids are saying now! Now I say it too. I'm so Hip to that!!!) I made it to 34 weeks. Yay go me! Yay go baby! I was told though that my bedrest doesn't technically end until the end of this week, not at the beginning like I had originally thought. :) But I'm surviving.

I didn't take a picture of me this week yet (oops) so here is a lovely one of me (when it was sunny out! lol) from last week:

Last week, Thursday, the baby dropped. I didn't feel it or anything, but I noticed it in my look! My tummy isn't as high up. I feel like I have a bit more room to breathe, which is such a nice thing! I don't feel like I've eaten three bowling balls at bedtime now! :) I've been getting major tightenings constantly, so I've been paranoid and looking up "false labor" vs "real labor", and deciding that I've only been having False Labour. (well, having the tightenings go away after a while gives it away too, lol–but it's funny how quickly you forget some things and how much you question yourself. Unless that's just me.)

Last night, things changed. I had a tummy ache and so I didn't feel like going to bed. I ended up staying up until midnight, and even though I wasn't tired, I prepared for bed. As I was in the bathroom, I got my first REAL contraction! Oh, I knew what it was! LOL I had pain in my abdomen, hips, pelvis area…. ouch! I had two more when I got to bed, but nothing after that. Phooey! I hadn't noticed any Real Contractions today either. But I recall with Kai (who is the only other child who I started out with contractions and not being induced) that it took two days from when my first contraction to when I went into full labour. I know all pregnancies are different, and I know that to be true from the three babies I've delivered, but I can't help but wonder if this baby will come this week….

34 weeks is still a bit early, but well… when you've been on bed rest for a month, you tend to forget the time and just want it to be over asap! LOL :) I had an ultrasound done last week and the technician said that the predicted weight at the time was that the baby was 5lbs 3oz! Ooh, could you imagine? Me? Having a 5 pound baby??? LOL I'm excited! Maybe things will happen soon

my neighbour made me do it!

Okay, so maybe that title isn't the most accurate. Jenny didn't MAKE me do anything, she really had nothing to do with it. …Other than giving me a ride there and back. Oh, and phoning around for places! ….I guess she's sounding less innocent now, isn't she? LOL But this was all MY idea. I have been wanting to do this since I was 14! I'm serious! That's… uhm…..well, let's just say that it's been a few years of waiting. :) (I'm such a wimp!)

Here are some pictures I took of myself with my New Look in the van. Can you guess what is different???? *wink* I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! I have this saucy sexy look, don't I? Teehee.

Just to make it a bit easier for you……

Isn't it GREAT???? I LOVE it!!! I got it pierced on Saturday, while Jonathan was away on another fishing weekend trip! (I figured I was "allowed" to since he was gone and I've been wanting this for SO long, and I had told him of my desire…. LOL) He wasn't too impressed when he saw it, and in fact, was quite upset with me for a bit. He's okay now…but still isn't too keen. Hopefully it'll grow on him! Ah well…. we'll see. Julie screamed when she saw it! LOL! (in a good way, I'm sure!) I told her that this will just further her image of being the Good Child…since our Dad doesn't like piercings (other than ears) and still doesn't like our brother's lip ring. So I'm sure he won't totally be thrilled with my eyebrow! But well… I gave him some wonderful grandchildren, so that covers my end, hahaha!
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