Monday, June 29, 2009

one's loosing teeth, another is getting some and another is sittin' on the potty....

Oh, the joys of a busy house full of children! This morning, Abi lost her first eye tooth! That was a complete surprise because I didn't even realize it was that loose! I don't think she knew either as she was just going to show me how loose it was this morning, when she pushed it a bit too far back and out it popped!!! Of course, I don't recall any of this, as I may have been half asleep this morning still, but this is the story she told her Daddy on the phone this morning to inform him! (She's in the process of telling all the other family members now....we're waiting for Grandma & Grandpa to call back, but we called Grandma Lynn already!) She looks quite cute with a little missing tooth gap! Strange to realize that within a year, Kai will be loosing his teeth too!

Meanwhile, Rhys is trying to get his IN! He's got his second front top tooth that just won't budge further than it's corner out of the gums, even though his eye tooth is out already! He's still into chomping onto everything! In total he has two bottom teeth and two and a half top teeth!

The competetion has begun for potty training!!! Okay, so not quite. I don't really believe in pushing children, and if there is one thing I've learned from Kai's long-term "training" is that you can't make a child learn something he isn't ready for! (boy, is that an understatement!!!) But, still...there is a part (just a teeny tiny part. really.) of me that desires to be a part of "the crowd". My SIL is in the process of training her cutie-pie to use the potty, and it sounds like Miss Mia is getting it too!!! How wonderful! Oh, and did I mention that she is only 1 1/2 years old??? I've always heard that girls were easier to train, but still..... LOL!

I'm nervous working with Bryn since Kai was so difficult, but maybe he'll surprise me. I had Bryn in his naked cuteness this morning, watching tv, eating noodles, while I suggested the potty. At first, he said he didn't need to go, and I said 'how about we try when we finish eating?' to which he agreed. While I was cutting up some strawberries, he tells me that's he's ready. "Ready for what?" I was thinking? (*roll eyes* I really need to work on my memory skills! *blush*) Off we went to the bathroom, me in an overuse of excitement to get the happiness going! When I pulled out the potty, I was sadly greeted with a very dirty-looking half-broken contraption. Uhm, it's been a while since it's been used, or cleaned. *cough*cough* If it were ME, I would be holding onto that urine 'til I could find a bush, but this is a 2 1/2 year old boy we're working with. He sat on it just fine, peering down at his penis (ooh, can I say that??? lol) for some sort of sign of activity, then said, "nuh-feens hapoh-ning." That's ok, we'll try again in a bit. So as he went to play, I pulled apart the potty and tossed it into the tub and under the shower! My child can't learn to use the potty on that THING!!! And, speaking of GROSS....what is up with the bathroom? It's been a while since I've attacked it with some good cleaning utensils as well! *blush* So out came the sprays and wipes and Toilet Duck and scrubbers! (I get the oddest urges to clean the just when I'm having a bath, or when I've been sick and lain on the cool floor for an hour,or when I need to begin potty training. Not during normal times, like on a weekly basis or when guests are coming over. No. That would make sense. Now of course, none of you want to ever use my bathroom, but that's ok, I've got two; and I just cleaned the downstairs one yesterday, so it's all good!!!)

As I'm swiping at the toilet bowl, Bryn returns and informs me that he's farted! Boys like to tell you stuff like that. He goes between wanting to sit on the toilet (which is now sparkly, yay go me!) and the potty (which is still wet in the bathtub)..and chooses the potty. When nothing happens again, he wants to try the Big Boy Toilet! I make up a fun pee song for encouragement, which goes something like this:
Pee Pee Pee
Push it out
Into the potty
like a Big Boy
drip drip drip.

There was a second verse, but I don't recall it already an hour later. It was special though. But it didn't help. Darn!

I went back to cleaning the sink, which Bryn decided to "help" with, until he got distracted and saw his toothbrush. I convinced him to let me brush his teeth for him (something that doesn't happen often. He does NOT like us stuffing foreign objects such as brushes in his mouth, go figure!) Just as I finished that very short process, he exclaims, "I peeing!" And sure enough, he's spraying all over the place like a fireman who's lost control of his hose! (hypospadius' sucks!) I knew that rushing him a step over to the toilet would be futuile, so we talked about telling me BEFORE it happens next time as I wiped the bathroom floor. My room is now clean enough to use again by strangers! Feel free to drop by unannounced!

SO far it's been a busy morning! I am so ready for a nap!!! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Glory Days

Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I'm no longer young and carefree and can go out whenever I want, all hours of the night. A lot of my favourite memories are of when I was 19 and clubbing and hanging with friends late. *sigh*

So I've decided to shake the booty God (and overeating and lack of exercise) gave me right in my own living room. But soon realized that my stamina leaves one less than desirable. I'm out of breath by the end of the song---that is, if I even make it that far! Whatever happened to hittin' the dance floor once I get there at 9:30pm until close at 2am?

So then I decided to take up drinking again. Good grief! Is that NOT easy to do! The kids are always interrupting! Turns out, I don't have many alcoholic tastebuds anymore either! I bought a 4-pack of Coolers a while ago---a long while ago--and couldn't get past the first bottle. For shame.

Guess I'll have to admit it. I'm OLD. Those "glory days" are long gone. But maybe, just maybe, I'm not old, Just TOO responsible. Yeah, that's it. I'm married. Worked full time as a retail manager before children blessed my life. I have 4 little ones now to care for. No time to "indulge" in such wanton behaviour.

Which got me thinking the other night: how do celebrities do it? They're in their 30's (some. or late 20's), married (some). And they're out there all hours, celebrating, vacationing. Enjoying summer 12 months of the year. So age and marriage has nothing to do with it.

H'mm. Guess it's just a different life in Hollywood, eh? When I think of it, I'm happy that I have a family & responsibilites. It's not an easy life, or always a "fun and games" one. But it's mine. And it's Full.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

out stubborn-ing the kids

Okay, so Stubborn-ing isn't a word, but I couldn't think of a good one in lieu of it!

The kids made a terrible mess in my living room (yes, two days after I had nicely cleaned and mopped it all beautiful....well, it was a mess 15 minutes after all that work, but that's not what I'm talking about right now...) So I am refusing them what they want until they clean it up!!! Sounds like a fair deal, don't you think?

Is it wrong that what I'm withholding is dinner??? *snicker* I also wouldn't cut up watermelon for them earlier. So Abi has made herself a rice cake with peanut butter (she's by far more resourceful than I!) and Kai got himself some dry Fruit Loops. Not too sure what Bryn will scavenge for yet. Me? I'm not hungry. But when I am, I will make myself some nice chicken fettucine alfredo. Mmmm.... And when they're ready to clean up their mess, I will willingly share with them.

I will not capitulate, for I am stubborn as well!!!

ETA: just to add for those who worked!!! the kids didn't starve. (most kids won't let themselves starve or skip meals!!!) I did feed them a proper dinner. They did clean up. It was all good. *smile*

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Guess what I'm doing right now? (other than trying to get my fingers to move fluidly across my laptop keyboard...dang! why is it so difficult to type on these things???) I'm looking through my own copy of the BRAND NEW 2009-2010 Stampin' Up! Idea Book & Catalogue!!!!!! Can I get a collective squeal of excitement from the throngs? Oh yeah! I am so giddy!!!!

Unfortunately, due to SU! rules, I can not show you a picture of the IBAC or any of the contents until it's official debut on July 1st, but I can tell you that it is gorgeous!!! I'm loving the ...*cough*cough*...yellow cover. (can I say that?) If you've been looking at other SU! blogs (feel free to check out the many I have listed on my blogroll. Don't even ask me my favourite...but check out Roxy and Dawn and Brandi. *wink*) you've likely seen the new In Colours and a few sneak peeks. Dawn has a picture of the brand new In Colours for the year on her blog HERE. I'm not too sure about the colours. I'm sure they will grow on me though. After all, I was In Love with Wild Wasabi and Pommegranate from last year, yet here I am having a hard time saying good-bye to Baja Breeze (pronounced Bah-HA, not Bah-zha. *blush*), Kiwi Kiss and Riding Hood Red this year. It's not that these new colours aren't nice, it's just that they're a bit brighter than I'm used to. If they were to include them into our regular line of colours, I'd say half belong to the Earth Elements and the other half to Bold Brights. But I'm looking forwards to trying them out and seeing them IRL. (in real life)

Well, I just wanted to pop in and express my I need to pull out some good ol' paper and a nice pen and start my WISH LIST! (boy, oh boy, VISA is going to LOVE me this year! My Hunny may not be so impressed though! LOL) I can't wait for my loot to come in with the new stuff! I`ll post some cards ASAP, ok?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

oooh, burn

Abi had a bunch of her girl friends from her class over to play two weeks ago. They ran through the sprinkler, chased the neighbour boys and made fun crafts. When they left, I gave them invitations to come to the Sunny Stampers Camp I'm having in July. It's a 2-day morning camp for kids ages 5+. It'll be fun crafts and such. I hope I get a good response.

When I picked up the kids from school last week, one of Abi's friends told me that she couldn't come to my "craft thing" because her mom said that my house is "too messy and probably has lots of germs."

Ooooh. Harsh burn.

Is it incredibly silly of me to be just a *bit* offended? Maybe she didn't say it. Yeah, maybe her 8-year-old lied; maybe it's HER opinion (not the Mom's). That I can deal with. But it's possible that her Mom Did say it, not intending her daughter to repeat it. But does it really matter? Someone said it and meant it. And I'm embarrassed, and I'm hurt and I want to talk to her and say, "Hey, listen, I agree that my house is messy. It bothers me too. But you know nothing of me and my life, my health and my children. Maybe if you HELPED, we can get it to an acceptable level we're both happy with. If not, please don't judge me so quickly."

But I'll never say it. Instead, I'll hold it in and wonder if that woman really is that rude. Sounds like a better plan, eh? *sigh*

The Good news is that I did pull everything out of my living room (chairs on the deck and everything!) and swept and then mopped the floor! It looks soooo good! Yay go me! :) One room less germy! LOL :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

try to get a word in edgewise

Oh. My. Gosh.

She is adorable. Check out this baby girl chatting away to Daddy! LOVESIT!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

never saw this coming

Wow. I am dumbfounded. Speechless. Overwhelmed. Touched. And utterly shocked!!! Thank-you to all of my fans (all 3 of you!)

Check out this link….then pass it on to those you love!!!

why is this "news"???

Obama kills annoying fly, then keeps going

Why, oh why, is this "news"??? I mean, seriously? Who cares? So the President of the United States killed a fly during an interview!!! WOW! Are we supposed to believe it's never been done before or that he is the first person to do this…or that the President just "doesn't do stuff like that"??? Good grief!!! Obama isn't THAT amazing!!!!! *roll eyes*

I just don't get it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

tip I learned today

"the fact that noone understands you does not make you an artist."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Canada tastes good!

I'm just checking out the ease of adding photos here with a new Lolz Cat I love!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lego man prank call

Kai loves LEGO and I came across this video on YouTube of a phone conversation between LEGO Man and a Construction company. Very Funny!!!

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